Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Cyst

A 48 year old patient came with a chief complaint of swelling in his lower front teeth region. Examination revealed a swelling in the labial vestibule extending from 33-43. On aspiration,a straw coloured blood tinged fluid was obtained. OPG revealed an oval shaped cystic radiolucency from 43-34. Excision biopsy was done and the cystic lesion was diagnosed as a calcifying epithelial odontogenic cyst.

Primary Cleft Palate using Bardach's technique

A 3 year old female patient came with a Chief complaint of nasal regurgitation on fluid intake and had speech difficulties. She was diagnosed with having a complete unilateral cleft palate. She was taken up for surgery and the cleft was closed using Bardach's technique for cleft palate closure. 

Primary Cleft of the Palate

Suturing of Nasal layer of the cleft

Closure of Cleft Palate