MDS @Saveetha Dental College

The three year post-graduate training course is aimed to develop the surgical skills of the candidate par-excellence. Each year we take in 7 aspiring candidates and turn them into young budding surgeons.


Clinical Training

The clinical training course is spread over three academic years. The training starts from pre-clinal training in models and follows a step by step exposure of the candidate to the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.A plethora of cases ranging trauma to pathological cases to orthognathic cases and oral cancer cases are managed in a comprehensive way.We operate close to 500 cases in a year.


Research Options

Saveetha dental college is the premier institute for research. The Post graduates have a module in biostatistics where they are taught the use of the various statistical analysis available and the use of the SPSS software for the same. They are encouraged to do and publish research in their chosen topic. Each year a total of 5 short term research projects are to be completed.The institute also has a state of the art animal house where animal studies can also be done.



The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is equipped with a state of the art operation theatre.There a total of three operating rooms and each are equipped with the latest instruments to perform surgery. Live relay of the surgeries are broadcasted simultaneously in the PG department for the post graduates to observe.The Campus has a centre for radiotherapy and chemotherapy setup by Dr.RAI MEMORIAL CBCC.